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Pam Polyacrylamide Has Good Viscosity Increasing Effect As a Thickener

The effect of pam polyacrylamide as an additive for thickening, viscosity increase and water retention is well received, especially in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, coating, mineral processing, construction mortar, papermaking, textile, sugar making and so on. Pam polyacrylamide is divided into two types, granular and powder, with a full range of molecular weight from low to high, which can meet the different requirements of customers.

1. Main functions of pam polyacrylamide

(1) Very good thickening and viscosity increasing effect, fast dissolving speed, not easy to clump.

(2) Pam polyacrylamide is transparent and naturally wire drawn.

(3) It is a water-soluble thickener, suitable for the application of various equipment.

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2. Main uses of pam polyacrylamide

(1) It is used to increase the viscosity and water retention of putty powder.

(2) It is used to add building mortar.

(3) It is used for thickening, viscosity increase and water retention of coatings.

(4) It is used to thicken other detergents such as detergent, laundry detergent, car wash and so on.

(5) Pam polyacrylamide is widely used to achieve the effect of water-soluble thickening and viscosity increase in various industries.

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