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SINOFLOC offers an extensive range of products and services in metals & mining industry. Our flocculants and coagulants could meet customer specific request in mineral processing and the metallurgy industry.

SINOFLOC flocculants and coagulants have been used in several Mineral Processing:
  • Coal Washing
  • Sedimentation of the concentrate/flotation tailings
  • Filtration aid of the thickened tailings/thickened concentrate
  • Settlement/clarification of slurry
  • Enhancing solid-liquid separation of the fine material by filtration/centrifugation
  • Settlement/clarification of tailings in the thickening
  • Other Mineral Processing for Gold, Silver, Iron, Nickel, Cooper etc.

The particle size range and charges are different for each mineral slurry. Our engineer will help customer to achieve the best performance through product selection and optimum dosages. By designing the right product with specific molecular weight and charge, SINOFLOC flocculants and coagulants could improve your process efficiency and lower your processing cost.

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What is the Sinofloc Product Range of Flocculants in Mining?
Sinofloc is supplying a wide range of Flocculants in mining, including anionic flocculants and nonionic flocculants.
What is the Sinofloc Product Range of Coagulants?
Sinofloc is providing a wide range of coagulants in mining, including Polyamine and Polydadmac. They could be used alone or combined with other inorganic coagulants like Ferric Chloride, Ferric Sulfate, Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Sulfate, and Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC).
What are the Main Characteristics of Sinofloc Products used in Mining?
Our flocculants could be used in thickeners and clarifiers to increase setting rates, filtration rated and reduce cake moisture.
Could Sinofloc Products be Used in Alumina Processing?
Yes. Our Flocculants and Coagulants could be used in each stage of the processing.
Which Kinds of Mines Could Sinofloc Products be Used For?
Sinofloc products could be used for many metal mines, such as alumina, copper, gold, silver and phosphate ores.
Which Kinds of Services Could Sinofloc Give?
Besides the technical service on Flocculants and Coagulants, Sinofloc team could also give suggestion on reagents and equipment of solid liquid separation needs.

Product Selection

Our technical engineer will help customer to select the most suitable grade by laboratory and industrial testing. We could also design the specific product based on customer’s application. The final dosage may vary from each single application.

Choose Between Flocculants and Coagulants?

Flocculants gather the destabilized particles and get them agglomerate from the solution. And Coagulants neutralize the negative electrical ion of particles and keep colloids apart.
For some cases, organic coagulants are more appropriate for solids- liquid separation like when sludge generation is desired. Furthermore, conjunction organic and inorganic chemicals are always more effective than either organic or inorganic coagulants separately. 

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