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Oil & Gas

SINOFLOC is the leading supplier of polyacrylamide for the Oil & Gas industry in China. Through the technology innovation, SINOFLOC could provide high-value products and services to oil & gas industry all over the world.

The major areas of application of our products are:

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

  • SINOFLOC manufactures a complete range of anionic polyacrylamide for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Our products have been developed to apply to the variety of conditions in the oil fields all over the world, including:
  • Various molecular weights polyacrylamide and working temperature up to 85oC.
  • Sulfonated polyacrylamides for temperature up to 120oC.
  • Could be used for very high salinity brine.
  • SINOFLOC team will help you to choose the most suitable polymer based on your specific conditions.

Friction Reducer

SINOFLOC is offering a broad range of leading-class friction reducer to our customers. Our product range includes anionic polyacrylamide powder, anionic polyacrylamide emulsion and cationic polyacrylamide powder, which have been approved excellent performance in the conditions with high TDS levels and API brine.

SINOFLOC friction reducer characters:

  • Excellent performance in friction reduction.
  • More economical price and lower loading.
  • Faster disperse and hydrate.
  • Customized friction reducer.

Fracturing Fluid Additives

SINOFLOC is offering a new range of synthetic polyacrylamide that can be used as fracturing fluid additives, with main functions of opening the fractures and transporting and keep the proppant in place alone the length of the fracture. This technology could be used as the guar alternative which could reduce the number of oilfield production chemicals handled and benefit to the industry.

The key advantage of SINOFLOC fracturing fluid additives are:
  • More environmental than guar system.
  • Easy flow back.
  • Better viscosity performance, both in linear and crosslinked systems.
  • Can be used in high temperatures and wide range of salinities and PH.

Drilling Fluids Additives

SINOFLOC water-based drilling fluids additives are specially developed to meet customer’s critical needs of maximum performance and compatibility. Our range of polymers is produced in a variety of molecular weights and contents for specific drilling needs.

The major areas of application of our products are:
  • Shale inhibitors
  • Viscosifiers
  • Fluid-loss control agent
  • Scale inhibitors

Oil Sands Flocculants
SINOFLOC offers a range of flocculants to be used in primary extraction of Oil Sands operation which mainly used as flotation improvement and tailing treatment. In tailing treatment, SINOFLOC polymers are designed for specific tailing feeds which give better dewatering and consolidation. The quality of recovered water and settling and compaction of flocculated solids could be improved.
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