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SINOFLOC supplies our customers a wide range of product portfolio in the oilfield industry. In addition to our standard oilfield chemicals, we are also supplying customized products to our clients in the different condition of high TDS and API brine, as well as in specific particle size.

With the team powered by dedicated and compassionate staff, we could assist you selecting the most suitable polymer for all you diversified process.

Sinofloc oilfield chemicals in the oil industry are:

  • Drilling Fluid Additives
  • Friction Reducer
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Guar alternative



SINOFLOC developed a full range of water-based polymers used in drilling mud systems. Our polymers could match your requirements for drilling fluid in fluid loss control, viscosity and scale inhibitions. Oilfield chemicals from SINOFLOC are in a variety of forms, molecular weights and specific compositions for your need. SINOFLOC series products include:
  • Viscosifier
  • Shale Stabilizer (Clay Stabilizer)
  • Fluid Loss Control Additives
  • Scale Inhibitors
By using SINOFLOC products, the drilling bit is easily cleaned and the friction between drilling string and drilling hole is reduced.


SINOFLOC series of friction reducer is more economy with a lower per unit volume cost. Our product also has excellent friction reduction performance at a typical dosage of 1 GPT. In addition, it possesses the following characteristics:
  • Non-toxic, noharmful substances
  • Almost no damage to reservoir permeability;
  • Applicable in a variety of waters including flow back water andseawater;
  • Rapid dissolution, applicable for continuous injection;
  • Excellent friction reduction with enhancement for clay stabilization and water flow back.


SINOFLOC series of ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY (EOR) products could be applied in increasing the amount of crude oil which extracted from the oilfield. Compared with water flooding, long chain polyacrylamide molecules mixed with injected water could increase the water viscosity, to improve the mobility ratio and displacement efficiency.

Surfactant could be used conjunction with our polymers to decrease the surface tension between water and oil. Caustic is also an option to injection water to decrease the surface tension and reverse the rock wettability.


SINOFLOC's oilfield chemicals could be used in hydraulic fracturing process to stimulate the natural gas, oil to maximize extraction. Shale rock makes an increased permeability by opening and keeping the existed and new fractures in the formation. Guar gum was one of the early polymers used increase the viscosity of water. Its application was reduced because of it price variations significantly. SINOFLOC is supplying a new range of synthetic polyacrylamide that can be used as Guar alternative.

The key advantage of SINOFLOC products are:
  • More environmental than guar system.
  • Easy flow back.
  • Better viscosity performance, both in linear and crosslinked systems.
  • Can be used in high temperatures and a wide range of salinities and PH.


SINOFLOC offers a range of products to be used in primary extraction of Oil Sands operation which mainly used as flotation improvement and tailing treatment. In tailing treatment, SINOFLOC polymers are designed for specific tailing feeds which give better dewatering and consolidation. The quality of recovered water and settling and compaction of flocculated solids could be improved.

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What Are the Available Products for Oilfield?
Both powder and emulsion is available.
How to Choose the Suitable Polyacrylamide Product for Oil & Gas Industry?
Customer's operation requirement and site conditions are different. Our technical team will take in-house testing to recommend the most suitable product for your need.
What Kind of Support Could Sinofloc Team Give?
SINOFLOC technical team and lab could provide customers specific service to evaluate the products performance quickly and innovate the products based on customers' request.
What are the Main Characteristics of Sinofloc Products used in Oil & Gas?
SINOFLOC products have good temperature resistance and salt resistance, rapid dissolution rate, especially in salt water, and meet the requirements of different reservoir conditions.
For the Molecular Weight and Viscosity of Oilfield Chemicals in EOR, is it bigger the better?
The pursuit of high viscosity and high molecular weight does not necessarily and it shall adapt to the reservoir conditions during the oil recovery process.
Why is Dissolution Rate So Important, Especially in Brine?
Water solution with waste water injection process is widely used oilfield polymer injection process. The improving the dissolution rate of products can reduce the injection equipment investment, reduce the demand for water and oil, reduce the production cost; reduce the produced liquid emissions and reduce environmental pollution. Moreover for offshore application, to improve the dissolution rate in high concentration in brine is more important due to the lack of fresh water and sea the platform is relatively limited. 
What's the Mechanism of Polymer Flooding?
Polymer flooding mechanism is mainly based on the viscosity of water-soluble polyacrylamide molecular chain, improving the mobility ratio of displacement fluid, improving displacement efficiency and sweep volume, so as to achieve the goal of enhanced oil recovery.
What's the Mechanism of Hydraulic Fracturing?
The process of hydraulic fracturing is the use of high pressure large displacement on the ground of the pump, with the principle of liquid pressure, to have a certain viscosity of the liquid (usually referred to as fracturing fluid) to the oil injection with greater the absorption capacity. The wellbore pressure gradually increased, so as to hold the high pressure in the bottom of the well. When the pressure is greater than the stress around the wellbore and formation of rock tensile strength, the cracks will be formed near the bottom of the well. When continue to inject proppant with sand carrying fluid, the crack extends forward and fill to support agent, after shut crack closing in supporting agent, thus forming sand filling cracks with certain geometric dimensions and high conductivity in near the bottom of the formation, is well to achieve the purpose of production and injection increasing. The proppant is also known as the fracturing fluid.
How is Sinofloc Acid Thickening Agent?
Acidification is one of the main measures to increase production and increase injection in oil and gas fields. It can restore or improve the permeability of formation pores and fractures by using acid solution to dissolve and dissolve rock cements or pores and cracks in cracks. SINOFLOC cationic polyacrylamide has good performance in this application. 
Could Sinofloc Product Be Used in Water Plugging?
In the process of oil production, due to the heterogeneity of formation, especially the problem of flooding in oil surface in the drilling process, it is necessary to carry out water plugging, otherwise it is easy to cause flooding and reduce oil water production. SINOFLOC high molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide as an oil field plugging agent is generally used.
Characteristics of Polyacrylamide Emulsion?
Polyacrylamide emulsion is obtained by the method of dispersion or reverse phase emulsion polymerization, which is a form of polyacrylamide liquid. The powder flocculants has the characteristics of adsorbing suspended solid particles in the water through the polar groups in the molecular chain, so that particles can be bridged or neutralized to form large flocs.

Necessity of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) 

Enhanced Oil Recovery means the approach of extraction of crude oil from oil reservoirs that cannot be extracted by traditional technologies. It is also known as tertiary recovery as it is implemented after primary and secondary recoveries. By using enhanced oil recovery (EOR), 40% to 80% oil can be extracted from the reservoir. Chemical injection way is always used through polymer, surfactant solution and alkali to extract crude oil from the reservoirs. Both carbonate and sandstone formations could be applied.

Characteristics of Polyacrylamide Emulsion

Polyacrylamide emulsion is obtained by the method of dispersion or reverse phase emulsion polymerization, which is a form of polyacrylamide liquid. The powder flocculants has the characteristics of adsorbing suspended solid particles in the water through the polar groups in the molecular chain, so that particles can be bridged or neutralized to form large flocs.

The Application of Drag Reducer

The direct use of the solution polymerization product as a drag reducer will bring a lot of inconvenience to the oil production. In order to improve the performance of drag reducing agents, polymer and dispersant are usually grounded together into powder. At present, water based emulsion type drag reducer is widely used in crude oil pipeline. It uses polymer additives such as stabilizer and surfactant to suspend polymer powder in water or water and alcohol mixture. This product has the advantages of high polymer concentration, convenient injection and good solubility in crude oil.
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