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What is the Drilling Mud

Drilling mud refers to the general term of various circulating fluids that meet the needs of the drilling work with various functions during the oil and gas drilling. Drilling muds are also called drilling fluids, or muds for short. The circulation of drilling muds is maintained by the mud pump. The high-pressure drilling fluid discharged from the mud pump passes through the surface high pressure pipe joints, risers, fire hoses, water taps, kellies, drill pipes and drill collars to the bit, and is ejected from the bit nozzle to clean the bottom hole and carry cuttings. Then it flows upward along the annular space formed by the drill string and the wellbore (or casing). After reaching the ground, it flows into the mud pit through the discharge pipelines. After being treated by various solid control equipments, it returns to the upper pool. Finally, it enters the mud pump for recycling. The various pipe fittings and equipments that the drilling fluid flows through constitute a complete set of drilling mud circulation system.

The drilling mud technology is an important part of oil and gas drilling engineering. With the increasing difficulty of drilling, this technology plays an increasingly important role in ensuring safety, high-quality and fast drilling.

Beijing Sinofloc Chemical Co.,Ltd. provides corresponding additives for drilling muds to meet the key requirements of customers for maximum performance and compatibility. We produce polymers with various molecular weights and specifications to meet specific drilling requirements. The drilling mud additives of Beijing Sinofloc Chemical Co.,Ltd. will make oilfield service companies more competitive in economy and environment.

We can choose the most suitable drilling fluid additives according to your specific needs. Please contact us at any time.

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