Sinofloc Chemical


  • Oil & Gas SINOFLOC is the leading supplier of polyacrylamide for the Oil & Gas industry in China. Through the technology innovation, SINOFLOC could provide high-value products and services to oil & gas ... VIEW Download
  • Water Treatment Water resources are essential for human beings and significant to many sectors of the life and economy. The growth in urbanization, population growth together with industrialization and the developmen... VIEW Download
  • Mining SINOFLOC offers a range of products for customers in alumina, cooper, nickel, gold, iron ore, coal, phosphate, white pigments and aggregates. We understand your special needs for increased mineral rec... VIEW Download
  • Paper Making SINOFLOC has a complete range of water-soluble polymers specifically designed to handle all the problems occurring in the wet end stages of the paper-making process:Paper Retention Aid Sludge Dewateri... VIEW Download
  • Sugar Making Sugar beet and sugarcane could be processed sugar by various processing. The process basically includes extraction of the cane juice by milling or diffusion, clarification of sugarcane juice, concentr... VIEW Download
  • Construction SINOFLOC tailor-made products are designed to be used as the concrete additives, cement additives, grouts, adhesives, coatings, and concrete additives for waterproofing in the construction industry. O... VIEW Download
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  • ADDRESS:2501 Jiasheng Center, No. A19, East 3rd Ring North Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China