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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Using Polyacrylamide in Summer?

Various dealers have asked whether the temperature has an impact on the use of polyacrylamide, and what factors and changes should be paid attention to. Today, SINOFLOC will introduce in detail how polyacrylamide can be used more efficiently in hot summer. The rainy summer is coming, and precautions and safety are required when using polyacrylamide.

1. Precautions when using polyacrylamide

(1) In general use, the granular polyacrylamide needs to be prepared to a concentration of 0.2% first, and tap water is generally used (the details are determined according to the needs of the manufacturer).

(2) Due to the wide range of water PH value that polyacrylamide flocculants are suitable for, and the applicable range of different types of polyacrylamide is also different. The general cationic polyacrylamide is acidic, and the anionic polyacrylamide is alkaline, so choose the right model.

(3) Polyacrylamide PAM must be fully dissolved in use, and it is best to use it now to dissolve. When dissolving, it is required to fully stir the water body and then slowly and evenly add the medicinal powder to prevent the blockage of pipes and pumps caused by large flocs and fish eyes.

(4) The stirring speed is generally 200 rpm, and the time is not less than 60 minutes. Properly increasing the water temperature to 20-30 degrees Celsius can accelerate the dissolution. The maximum temperature of the liquid medicine should be less than 60 degrees.

(5) Determine the optimal dosage. Experiment to determine the optimal amount before use. Because the dosage is too low, it will not work, and if the dosage is too high, it will have the opposite effect. When the concentration exceeds a certain concentration, the pam powder will not only not flocculate, but will be dispersed and used stably.

2. Details that need to be paid attention to when using polyacrylamide

(1) Polyacrylamide avoid exposure to sunlight. It will soften after being exposed to the sun. The softened product is easy to agglomerate, and once it is agglomerated, it is difficult to dissolve, so be sure to avoid exposure to the sun.

(2) Adjust the amount of water used at any time according to the amount of water in the summer flood season. We cannot use a technical standard invariably. For example, the heavy rain will increase the burden of sewage treatment, so we need to increase the use of pam powder.

(3) The time of addition is constantly changing according to the results of water quality monitoring. The principles are based on national emission standards.

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