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The Usage and Precautions of Cationic Polymer in Water Treatment

Most of the cationic polymer in water treatment are cationic flocculants. The usage and precautions are as follows:

I. The Usage

1. Through the small test, determine the best model, and determine the best dosage of the product.

2. The product is usually formulated into the 0.1% ~ 0.3% aqueous solution.

3. Sprinkle the product evenly into the mixing water at normal temperature. Heating (< 60 ℃) can speed up the dissolution rate (stirring time is about 40 minutes).

II. The precautions:

1. Solid products are packed in kraft paper bags lined with plastic bags of 25kg each.

2. The product is hygroscopic and should be stored in a cool and dry place.

3. When preparing PAM aqueous solution, it should be carried out in enamel, galvanized, aluminum or plastic barrels, and not in iron containers.

4. When dissolving, pay attention to add the product evenly and slowly into the dissolver with stirring and heating functions. Agglomerations should be avoided, the solution should be prepared at a suitable temperature and severe mechanical shear for a long time should be avoided. It is suggested that the agitator should be 60 ~ 200 rpm/min, otherwise it will cause polymer degradation and affect the use effect.

5. PAM aqueous solution should be prepared when used. When the solution is placed for a long time, its performance will gradually decrease depending on the water quality.

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