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Selection on the charge degree of polyacrylamide

For the sludge to be dewatered, flocculants of different charge can be screened through lab experiments to select the most suitable products, by this way, the best performance can be achieved, and the dosage of the products can be minimized at the same time, which can also  save costs. The key point of selection:

(1) Floc size
if the floc size is too small, it will affect the speed of water discharge. on the other hand, if it is too big, then the floc may carry more water and reduce the mud caking degree. The size of the flocs can be adjusted by selecting the molecular weight of polyacrylamide.

(2) Floc strength (moisture content)
the flocs should remain stable and not broken under shearing. Increasing the molecular weight of polyacrylamide or choosing a suitable molecular structure can help improve the
stability of the flocculation.

(3) Mixing of polyacrylamide and sludge
Polyacrylamide must fully react with the sludge at the dewatering equipment to cause flocculation. For this reason, the viscosity of the polyacrylamide solution must be appropriate, and it can be fully mixed with the sludge under the existing equipment. Whether the two are evenly mixed is a key factor for success. The viscosity of polyacrylamide solution is related to its molecular weight and preparation concentration.

(4) Dissolution of polyacrylamide
Fully dissolution is important. The dissolution of polyacrylamide is actually the maturation process. Sometimes it is necessary to speed up the dissolution rate, it may consider increasing the concentration of the polyacrylamide solution.
Therefore, the best product selection must be determined by laboratory experiments.

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