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The Influence of Different Molecular Weight of Anionic Polyacrylamide Pam on Paper

Among all kinds of polyacrylamides, anionic polyacrylamide pam has the characteristics of low cost, excellent performance and wide application. There are different production processes for anionic polyacrylamide pam. Some of the products are obtained by copolymerization of acrylamide and acrylic acid, and ionized shuttle groups are introduced into the polymer chain. Some are obtained by certain acid amine groups of polyacrylamide under alkaline conditions.

The molecular weight of the anionic polyacrylamide pam is controlled by the new initiator system. The results shows that the tensile strength of the paper is improved when the molecular weight is low, and then the bursting strength and folding strength of the paper are enhanced. The proportion of acrylate group in anionic polyacrylamide pam increases, which makes the polymer negative charged in aqueous solution and has anionic activity.

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