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The Application of Cationic Polymer in Water Treatment

With the increasing demand for water resources, the recovery and reuse of municipal wastewater are very important. Cationic flocculant is a non-toxic and effective cationic polymer in water treatment in a wide range of pH. They can be used specifically for negatively charged wastewater. Cationic polyelectrolyte water treatment is indeed an effective and cost-saving method. Their uses are as follows:

1. Sludge dewatering

According to the properties of the sludge, the corresponding products of our company can be selected, which can effectively carry out gravity sludge dewatering before the sludge enters the pressure filtration. When dewatering, it produces large flocs, which are non-stick filter cloth and do not stray during the filter press. The dosage is less, the dehydration efficiency is high, and the water content of the mud cake is below 80%.

2. The treatment of sewage and organic wastewater

The product shows positive electricity in the acid or alkaline medium. It is very effective to flocculate and precipitate the wastewater with negative charge of suspended particles in the sewage. For example, to deal with wastewater from the alcohol factory, the brewery, the MSG factory, the sugar factory, the meat plant, the beverage factory, the textile printing and dyeing plant. The effect of cationic polymer in water treatment is several times or tens of times higher than that of other polymers, because such wastewater generally carries negative charges.

3. The water treatment of waterworks

The product has the characteristics of less dosage, good effect and low cost. It is better to use in combination with inorganic flocculant.


For the optimum performance in specific applications of cationic polymer in water treatment, please consult the SINOFLOC team. We will provide you with the best service.

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