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High Brine HVFR System Achieves 100% Recovery of Produced Water

Whether used in slickwater fracturing or coiled tubing stimulation, friction reducer can increase the pumping water displacement and maintain a low treatment pressure at the same time. Generally speaking, the performance of conventional acrylamide, acrylic acid copolymer or partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide FR decreases with the increase of dissolved ion content in source water, and also depends on the type and concentration of the ion in the source water. Due to this limitation, the backwater, drainage as well as produced water used in slickwater fracturing usually need to be diluted with fresh water to maintain sufficient drag reduction performance. In order to make 100% use of the produced water, the new friction reducer has been developed, which can make the backwater, drainage and produced water with the total dissolved solids content (TDS) in excess of 300000ppm obtain the performance that is near to fresh water.


The high brine HVFR system is designed for a specific high salinity range. It can make 100% use of backwater, drainage and produced water in slickwater hydraulic fracturing application without dilution by fresh water. The high brine HVFR can be used for the conditions where the TDS is greater than 300000 ppm; it is effective in water with different dissolved salt ions, including chloride, sulfate, sodium, calcium and magnesium; it can also be applied to various unknown pollutants that may make the traditional FR ineffective. The new FR system with low concentration can still play a role in clay control brine, backwater, drainage and produced water. If you have any questions about the high brine HVFR, please consult the sales team of Beijing Sinofloc Chemical Co., Ltd.

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