Sinofloc Chemical

The Function of Drilling Chemical

In the process of drilling, the drilling chemica must be used. As a non-toxic and harmless drilling chemical, polyacrylamide has an irreplaceable role in the displacement process of tertiary oil recovery. Its functions are as follows:

1) Good water solubility

Polyacrylamide is a water insoluble polymer and completely soluble in water.

2) Rheology

Rheology is the flow and deformation of an object under the action of external force. From the perspective of the apparent viscosity and the shear force, the apparent viscosity of polyacrylamide will decrease when the shear force increases. However, when the shear stress is removed, the apparent viscosity gradually recovers with the increase of time.

3) Viscosity

Viscosity refers to the effect that polyacrylamide can increase the apparent viscosity of aqueous solution or fluid medium. It increases the viscosity of the aqueous phase by its own viscosity. Polyacrylamide interacts with the dispersed phase or compound in water. The effect is much higher than the viscosity of the polymer itself.

4) Dispersion

Polyacrylamide, a kind of drilling chemical, contains hydrophilic grouping and its surface has certain activity. To a certain extent, it can reduce the surface tension of the water, help the water to wet the solid and make the colloidal complex adsorb on the colloidal particles to form a shell, which is protected from electrolytes. The resulting flocculation makes the dispersion system stable.

5) Flocculation

The polar groups in polyacrylamide can adsorb the suspended solids in the water, forming bridges between ions and forming larger aggregates.

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