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What Are the Functions and Uses of Nonionic Polyacrylamide?

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1. The role of nonionic polyacrylamide

Nonionic polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer or polyelectrolyte. Because its molecular chain contains a certain number of polar groups, it can bridge particles between particles by adsorbing suspended solid particles in water or condense particles to form large flocculants through charge neutralization. Therefore, it can accelerate the sedimentation of particles in the suspension, greatly accelerate solution clarification, promote filtration and other effects. It is mainly used for flocculation and settlement of various industrial wastewater, precipitation and clarification treatment, such as papermaking and pulp wastewater treatment, ore dressing and metal smelting process wastewater treatment, iron and steel mills and stone processing plants wastewater treatment.

Nonionic polyacrylamide PAM is made by homopolymerization of acrylamide. It has high purity, good solubility and high molecular weight. This product has passed the quality system certification. Non-ionic polyacrylamide series products are linear polymers with high molecular weight and low ionicity. Because of its special group, it has the functions of flocculation, dispersion, thickening, bonding, film forming, gelation, and colloid stabilization.

2. Uses of nonionic polyacrylamide

(1) Sewage treatment agent

When the suspended sewage is acidic, it is more appropriate to use nonionic polyacrylamide as the flocculant. At this time, PAM plays a role of adsorption and bridging, flocculating and sedimenting the suspended particles to achieve the purpose of purifying sewage. It can also be used for the purification of tap water, especially when used in conjunction with inorganic flocculants, which has better effect in water treatment.

(2) Textile industry auxiliaries

Generally, low molecular weight is better, and some chemicals can be added to form a chemical slurry for textile sizing.

(3) Sand prevention and sand fixation

Dissolve nonionic polyacrylamide to a concentration of 0.3%, add a cross-linking agent, and spray it on the desert to prevent sand and fix sand.

(4) Chemical grouting agent

It is miscible with 9.5 parts of non-ionic polyacrylamide and 0.5 parts of methylene bisacrylamide, which can be used as a chemical grouting agent for blocking water in dams, foundations, tunnels, etc.

(5) Oilfield plugging agent

Nonionic polyacrylamide is combined with lignocellulose, and certain chemical additives are added, and it is widely used as a water shutoff agent in oilfields.

(6) Soil moisturizer

Conserve water and fix sand in the soil. Planting grass and trees on hillsides can act as a moisturizer on sand fixation and dust prevention.

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