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Usage of Dry PAM

The main forms of polyacrylamide flocculant widely used are powder particles and emulsion. And the following is a detailed analysis of the usage of dry PAM.

Generally, dry PAM is widely used in oil field, papermaking, water treatment, mineral processing and other fields. First of all, different uses require different concentrations of the needed solution. And the transportation of liquid products is inconvenient, which requires tanker transportation with high freight cost, increasing the production cost. In addition, its storage time is also short, and improper storage will lead to degradation, so the flocculation purification effect will be poor.

The preparation method of the solution is as follows:

Generally, large-scale sewage plants or mining plants will have mixing equipment. The way they adopt is to add a certain amount of water into the container first, and calculate the amount of agents needed according to the amount and concentration of water. The general proportion is from one to five per thousand. Then add the agent to the water in the mixer. High stirring speed will destroy the flocculation molecular chain and cause the polymer degradation, but too low speed will cause agglomeration, or PAM particles floating on the water surface, or sinking in the water resulting in clumping. So it is recommended to pour the agent into the water according to the dosage as it swirls.

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