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Sinofloc Polyacrylamide Used In Mining

Sinofloc Polyacrylamide is commonly used in concentrate dehydration, accelerated frame mud settlement, purification and improving the efficiency of the dense machine in the mining field. Selective flocculation of the pulp of fine-grained minerals is also a key application of our polymers, which could change the surface characteristics of the target mineral particles to increase the particle size, and thus flocculate and precipitate.

In addition to the flotation, our polyacrylamide polymers could be used in the waste water treatment. The mine wastewater is generally the acidic state of iron, manganese, copper, gold, zinc ore. The treatment of such waste water is generally used neutralization method, which will adjust its PH value, the most commonly used limestone, and lime to do the regulator. For example, after the iron ore wastewater is neutralized, the main components of the waste water are iron hydroxide Fe (OH) 3 and colloid, Ca (OH) 2 calcium hydroxide and colloid, Fe (OH) 2 ferrous hydroxide particles, and other ions. Cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) treatment of iron ore sludge dehydration, could achieve good results.

Whether it is in the coal preparation or the election of other metal ore, polyacrylamide is more economical agents. The process of mineral processing is to create the value of the process, which makes the polyacrylamide as the current common used of the main flocculants.

The general flocculation will use anionic polypropylene and sludge dewatering with cationic polypropylene. And each ion is also divided into a variety of product codes. It is suggested to test the products before selections, which will help improve the effectiveness of wastewater treatment and efficiency.
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