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Types of Drilling Mud

With the continuous development of drilling mud technology, there are more and more types of drilling mud. At present, the various types of drilling mud recognized in China are as follows:

I. Dispersed Drilling Mud

II. Calcium-Treated Drilling Mud

III. Saltwater Drilling Mud

IV. Saturated Saltwater Drilling Mud

V. Polymer Drilling Mud

The drilling mud produced by SINOFLOC is mainly polymer drilling mud. This section will briefly explain what polymer drilling mud is so that you can know more about our product.

Polymer drilling mud is a kind of water-based drilling mud, where some high molecular weight polymers with flocculation and coating functions are used as the main treatment agent. And due to the existence of these polymers, the various solid particles contained in the system can be kept within a relatively coarse particle size range. At the same time, the drilling cuttings are not easy to disperse into fine particles due to the timely protection of the coating. Its main advantages are as follows:


a. The drilling speed can be obviously increased and the damage degree to hydrocarbon reservoir is small because of the low density and solid content of drilling mud.

b. The shear dilution characteristic is strong. The viscosity and shear force of annulus fluid are higher under certain pump displacement, so it has a strong ability to carry cuttings. However, the flow resistance of the fluid is small at the high shear rate of the bit nozzle, which is conducive to increasing the drilling speed.

c. The polymer treatment agent has a strong effect of coating and inhibiting dispersion, so it is helpful to keep wall of a well stable. This kind of drilling mud has been widely used at home and abroad, and its technology has been constantly improved and developed.

VI. Potassium-Based Polymer Drilling Mud

VII. Oil-Based Drilling Mud

VIII. Synthetic Drilling Mud

IX. Gas-typed Drilling Mud

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