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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

oilfield chemicals enhanced oil recovery (eor)

SINOFLOC manufactures a complete range of anionic polyacrylamide for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Our chemicals for Polymer Flooding, long chain polyacrylamide molecules mixed with injected water could increase the water viscosity, to improve the mobility ratio and polymer oil-displacing efficiency. Our products have been developed to apply to the variety of conditions in the oil fields all over the world, including:
  • Various molecular weights polyacrylamide and working temperature up to 85oC.
  • Sulfonated polyacrylamides for temperature up to 120oC.
  • Could be used for very high salinity brine.
  • Good oil stimulation performance.
Our chemicals are also applied to increase sweep efficiency for water shut-off treatment. Polymer as the water plugging agent has selective effect on the permeability of oil and water. They could reduce the low permeability for water compared with oil. It could be used separately or used with other crosslinkers like chromium and aluminum salt, zirconium salt, etc..

SINOFLOC team will help you to choose the most suitable stimulating oil polymer based on your specific conditions.

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