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Industrial Application of SAP

SAP is a new type of functional polymer material. It is a synthetic resin which has a hydrophilic group, can absorb a large amount of water and swells, and can keep the water from flowing out. Generally, it can absorb water corresponding to 100 times the volume of the resin, and the highest water absorption rate can reach 1000% or more.
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SAP is used in many industries, including the petroleum industry, the mining industry, the metallurgical industry, the environmental protection industry, the household chemicals industry, and the food industry. For example, it is used as an oil field treatment agent and oil-water separation agent in the petroleum industry. It is used as a lubricant for mud drills and a gelling agent for mud in oilfield exploration. It acts as a swellable water blocking agent, as a foundation reinforcement, as a silent expansion explosive, as an anti-separation agent for pipeline materials, as a dust suppressant for open pit mines, as a flame retardant agent for spontaneous combustion of coal and sulfide ore, and as a dynamite cement moisture-proof agent in the mining industry.

In the environmental protection industry, people began to study the use of SAP to treat sewage. SAP quickly absorbs liquids to solidify the wastewater. In addition, the SAP has a strong adsorption capacity for heavy metal ions, and a heavy metal ion solution can be treated to recover precious metals. Therefore, it is of great value for the treatment and recycling of metallurgy, industrial and mining wastewater, electroplating wastewater, etc.
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