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Medical Application of SAP

The adaptability of superabsorbent polymer in organisms has been studied by many scholars. The results indicate that certain synthetic and semi-synthetic superabsorbent materials have a certain degree of biocompatibility. The highly water-absorptive material has excellent water absorption and water retention, and can be made into various tissue materials similar to the water content of the living body. Moreover, the gel formed by the water absorption of the medical superabsorbent material is relatively soft and has human adaptability, such as no irritation to the human body, no side reaction, no inflammation, no blood coagulation. These have created conditions for their use in medicine.

The highly water-absorbent material can be used for preparing medical bandages, cotton balls and gauze which can absorb surgical and traumatic bleeding and secretions and prevent purulence. It can be used to manufacture artificial organs such as artificial vitreous, artificial cornea, artificial skin, artificial blood vessel, artificial liver and artificial kidney. Secondly, the application of superabsorbent polymer in physiological and hygienic products is also a relatively mature field. In the medical and pharmaceutical field, research on the preparation of pharmaceutical release hydrogel materials and artificial organs using superabsorbent polymer should be strengthened in the future. In the future, we should focus on strengthening the development and research of using superabsorbent polymer to make the sanitary materials more compact, lighter and more comfortable.
superabsorbent polymer
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