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Polyacrylamide Used in Flotation

Flotation means fine mineral particles can be aggregated into larger particles to accelerate their settling speed in water, and selective flocculation can be used for Flocculation-desliming and flocculation-flotation in mining. Common used flocculants are polyacrylamide and starch. The basic principle is to use the lattice defects on the crystal surface and insert the bubble into the hydrophobic end of the crystal surface, so that the bubble may take away the specified ore powder in the flotation process and achieve the purpose of mineral processing.

Polyacrylamide Used in Flotation

Coal mined in coal mining usually contains some impurities. The separation efficiency of coal and impurities can be improved by adding a flotation agent in clean coal floatation, tail coal settlement. The cleaned coal in tailings is recovered by sedimentation, filtration or centrifugation. Polyacrylamide is applied in the settlement process, thus promoting solid-liquid separation. Then it is sent to the thickener. The water is recycled and recycled by the overflow of the thickener. Powdered coal is filtered and centrifuged. Polyacrylamide was added to the filtration and centrifugation process to improve separation efficiency. In order to meet the needs of users in this regard, we have produced a special flocculant for coal washing, which has a better effect on different coal mines and greatly reduces the dosage of the drug.

Flocculation flotation can be used to treat high silicate iron ore with fine particles and fine particles. The process is to add dispersants such as sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate and sodium hexametaphosphate to the pulp. Then a polyacrylamide flocculant with selective selectivity to iron minerals was added. Firstly, the fine iron ores form flocculants and then the gangue slime partially dispersed and suspended can be removed by concentration. This process can be carried out several times. The crude concentrate of iron cannot meet the quality requirement, so further reverse flotation is needed to improve the grade of iron concentrate. In reverse flotation, iron ore inhibitors are added to the pulp firstly, and then cationic or anionic collectors are used for reverse flotation.

Sometimes, the useless mineral particles are floated out and the useful mineral particles are left in the pulp, which is called reverse flotation, such as quartz from iron ore.

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