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Concrete Admixtures

Concrete is one of the most used and versatile engineering materials in the world today. With the enlargement of concrete projects in the 21st century, the complexity of construction and application environments, and the expansion of application fields, people have put forward higher requirements for traditional concrete materials. An important technical approach to achieving high performance in concrete is the use of premium admixtures and mineral admixtures. “Admixtures are the fifth component that is indispensable for concrete” has become a consensus.
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Concrete admixtures is the material added to the concrete before mixing or during agitation to improve the properties of fresh concrete and hardened concrete. Usually, the amount of concrete admixtures is not more than 5% of the amount of cement.

Concrete admixtures are classified into six categories according to their main functions: (1) Admixtures for improving the fluidity of fresh concrete. It mainly includes various water reducing agents, air entraining agents, grouting agents, pumping agents, and the like. (2) Admixtures for adjusting concrete setting time and hardening performance. It mainly includes retarder, accelerator, and early strength agent. (3) Admixture for adjusting the gas content of concrete. It mainly includes air entraining agent, air entraining agent, foaming agent and the like. (4) Admixtures for enhancing the physical and mechanical properties of concrete. It mainly includes air entraining agent, waterproofing agent, antifreeze, grouting agent and expansion agent. (5) Admixtures for improving the corrosion resistance of concrete. It mainly includes air entraining agent, waterproofing agent, rust inhibitor and anti-seepage agent. (6) Admixtures that provide special properties for concrete. It mainly includes foaming agent, coloring agent, bactericide, alkali aggregate reaction inhibitor and the like.
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