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Anionic Flocculants for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Anionic Flocculants for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Anionic Flocculants for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The principal target of industrial wastewater treatment is to allow industrial wastewater to be disposed of without danger to human health or unacceptable damage to the environment. SINOFLOC range of anionic flocculants could be used in conjunction with inorganic coagulants in the industrial wastewater treatment including paper, textile, and food industry and produced water from the oil industry.

SINOFLOC could supply the comprehensive range of anionic flocculants for solid-liquid separation process and remove suspended particles from various types of industrial wastewater.

SINOFLOC Anionic Flocculants Benefits:

  • Reliable quality
  • Competitive price
  • Extensive range of products
  • Customized products

SINOFLOC anionic polyelectrolyte is suitable for following conditions:

  • With Suspended particles
  • With higher concentration,
  • With positive charged particle,
  • PH value neutral or alkaline,

Our anionic polymer provides good performance in iron and steel plant wastewater, electroplating wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, coal washing wastewater, oilfield wastewater and other polyacrylamide flocculant water treatment.

Products Feeding:
The solutions of SINOFLOC anionic polymer flocculant must be prepared in suitable plants equipped with dry powders feeding and dispersion units and with continuous and moderate agitation. The dissolution water must have a temperature included between 10°C and 40°C; For a correct use of SINOFLOC anionic polyelectrolyte and in order to achieve the best possible results, it is necessary to allow a “maturation” time of 60 minutes. When treating turbid water, the flocculants solution must be added to the water in a point of average turbulence, in order to achieve a thorough and homogeneous mixing without impairing the flock formation. Recommend operating concentration is 3g/l, and the maximum operating concentration is 15g/l. For an optimum performance on specific applications on anionic polymer water treatment, please consult with SINOFLOC team.

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