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Action Principle of Polyacrylamide Flocculant in Lead-zinc Ore

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Through the research of polyacrylamide suppliers, it is found that lead-zinc mine wastewater has the characteristics of large discharge, complex water quality, high suspension content and low concentrationand it is toxic and harmful. If the ore dressing wastewater is not treated in time, it is bound to cause great harm to the surrounding environment of the mining area and cause great waste of water resources. Therefore, it is necessary to treat and recover the beneficiation wastewater to achieve clean production in mines. The experimental results show that polyacrylamide anionic has a more significant effect on the treatment of zinc ore wastewater.

1. Principle of polyacrylamide flocculant in lead-zinc ore

When polyacrylamide anionic is dissolved in water, metal ions hydrate with water molecules with strong polarity to form hydrated composite ions. With the increase of OH-concentration in the solution, hydroxyl bridge polymerization occurs between hydrolyzed products, forming high-charge complex ions with different degrees of polymerization. At the same time, the hydrolysis of polymers also continues to form low-charge complex ions with different degree of polymerization.

Under appropriate reaction conditions, the compression double-layer of low-polymerization and high-charge composite ions, the adsorption bridge of high-polymerization and low-charge composite ions and the net capture of hydroxide precipitation form large flocculation alum under appropriate reaction conditions, and adsorb heavy metal ions and suspended matter in the wastewater on the surface of alum flower, and finally form precipitation to achieve the purpose of water purification. The application effect of polypropylamine is mainly selected according to the water quality. SINOFLOC Chemical is a professional company specializing in polyacrylamide selection, which can provide customers with fast and effective polyacrylamide flocculant selection and reduce wastewater treatment costs.

2. Correct selection of polyacrylamide flocculant

With the development of the sewage treatment industry, people pay more and more attention to sewage treatment. In recent years, the method of dehydration organic polymer flocculants has been mainly used. This aspect is not only simple to operate, but also can achieve good results. However, according to different types of sludge and various factors affecting flocculants, it is very important to choose flocculants with low cost and good effect. However, no matter which polyacrylamide flocculant is used, it must be tested in advance to obtain a better dosage.

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