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Attention Points of PAM in Sludge Dewatering

PAM is known as an additional agent in various industries. It is widely used in the fields of water treatment, papermaking, mineral processing, and oil fields. In terms of water treatment, it is mainly used for domestic sewage treatment and industrial sewage treatment. In the treatment of industrial wastewater, PAM is mainly used in links such as coagulation and sedimentation, air flotation, sludge dewatering, etc.. The charges and ions in sewage from different industries are different, so the types of PAM used are also different. 

Aiming at the wastewater from different industries, Sinofloc Chemical will provide you with more cost-effective products through the selection experiment of PAM. The following is to explain the attention points of PAM flocculant in sludge dewatering

1. Test the dewatering effect of the water extractor frequently. If the separated liquid (or filtrate) is found to be turbid and the solid recovery rate reduces, the causes shall be analyzed in time and corresponding measures shall be taken to solve the problem. 

2. Observe the dewatering effect of sludge frequently. If the solid content of sludge cake decreases, the situation should be analyzed and corresponding measures should be taken to solve the problem. 

3. Regularly observe the operation status of the sludge dewatering device and take corrective measures to ensure normal operation. 

4. Enough washing time should be ensured for the water extractor every day. When the water extractor is shut down, the inside and the whole body of the machine should be washed thoroughly to ensure cleanliness and reduce odor. Otherwise, it is very difficult to wash the machine after the accumulated sludge becomes dry. 

5. Observe the observation items as well as checking and maintaining the machine regularly according to the requirements of the water extractor. 

6. Pay attention to the wear condition of the easy-to-wear parts of the water extractor, and replace them if necessary. For example the roller and filter cloth of belt press dehydrator; screw conveyor of the centrifugal dehydrator. 

7. Timely find out the influence or damage caused by the sand particles in the sludge conveyed into the water extractor on the filter belt, roller, or screw conveyor, and replace it in time when the damage is serious. 

8. The sludge-water separation effect of the sludge water extractor is affected by the sludge temperature, especially the solid content of the sludge cake in the centrifuge in winter is generally lower than that in summer, so the insulation should be strengthened or the sludge dosage should be increased in winter. 

9. Make analysis, measurement, and record. The items that should be tested in each shift of sludge dewatering post are flow and solid content of the sludge, output, and solids content of the sludge cake, SS of the filtrate, the dosage of flocculant, usage amount of flushing medium or water, flushing times and flushing duration. 

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