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The Standard of the Drilling Chemical

The Drilling chemical is one of the important materials for petroleum exploration and development with various types and complex components. The quality of its products has a great impact on the safety of drilling and well completion operations. The standard is an important technical basis to ensure the product quality. With the continuous development of the oil and gas exploration and development, the increase of deep wells and special wells, and more applications of new technology, technical standard requirements of the drilling chemical are also much more higher.

The existing standard of the drilling chemical basically include the main products in the drilling fluid system. The standard technology content is advanced, and the index is scientific and reasonable, which can ensure the product quality and the smooth process of drilling construction under different working conditions on site.

The standard for the drilling chemical usually specify the main technical index requirements, test methods, inspection rules, etc., including the requirements for equipments, reagents, materials, and test procedures. In the process of on-site use, it was found that the technical items and index settings in the standard are quite different, the standard name is not standardized, some standards do not specify or indicate the main components of the product, and the standard lacks items that characterize the essential characteristics of the product or the core required for quality control functional indicators make it difficult to guarantee the technical level of the standard. Manufacturers have the opportunity to change the production process, add "auxiliary materials" to reduce production costs, and even replace the inferior products with good ones, resulting in products that pass the standard inspection, but the field application effect is not ideal. The relevant national standard of the drilling chemical and the oil and gas industry standard standardize the test and evaluation methods of products, give the technical indicators and performance requirements of the products, which promote the improvement of product quality.

The drilling chemical of Beijing Sinofloc Chemical Co.,Ltd. fully comply with the national standard and the oil and gas industry standard, providing you with safe drilling chemical and making your company more competitive.

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