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How to Master the Dissolution Technology of Anionic Polyacrylamide?

1. Dissolution technology of anionic polyacrylamide

Although anionic polyacrylamide is easily soluble in water, when its dissolved concentration reaches more than 10%, it will form a transparent gel in water and lose its fluidity. If a large amount of anionic polyacrylamide is added instantaneously during the dissolution process, a dissolution system with a concentration of more than 10% will be formed in a certain area of the water, making it difficult to continue the dissolution process. Therefore, a certain amount of water must be added in advance until the stirring blade is no longer covered, and then the agitator is started to circulate the aqueous solution before adding anionic polyacrylamide. The adverse effect of polyacrylamide molecular chain makes the dissolved concentration inaccurate and weakens its dispersing effect. The dissolved concentration of anionic polyacrylamide should not be too high, generally about 0.5-1 per thousand. The stirring and dissolving time of anionic polyacrylamide should not be too long. Generally, the stirring time should be about 60-80 minutes, otherwise the dispersion effect will be destroyed.

Anionic polyacrylamide should be used and dissolved first, because the aqueous solution of anionic polyacrylamide will automatically hydrolyze within 20-48 hours, lose its viscosity, and eventually lose its dispersing effect. When the added amount of anionic polyacrylamide changes, the dewatering speed of the pulp on the paper machine will change accordingly. If the addition amount of anionic polyacrylamide is adjusted too large, the dehydration will be too fast or too slow, which will affect the normal and stable production. Therefore, during the normal production of the paper machine, do not arbitrarily adjust the addition amount of anionic polyacrylamide too much. The preferred ionic type of polyacrylamide used in long fiber dispersant is anionic or nonionic.

2. Application of anionic polyacrylamide in paper mills

Anionic polyacrylamide manufacturers have a deep grasp of various processes in paper mills, and anionic polyacrylamide products are often used in paper mills. Anionic polyacrylamide is routinely used in papermaking wastewater treatment. Nonionics are often used to treat the retention and drainage of pulp in the papermaking process.

It is impossible for anionic polyacrylamide to dissolve 100% when it is dissolved, and there must be a small amount of gels that are not completely dissolved. Therefore, filtering equipment must be added during application to prevent these gels from entering the paper machine of the paper mill and hanging on the net. and sticky felt or produce paper disease. When the paper machine starts to run water, anionic polyacrylamide should be added first, so that there is anionic polyacrylamide in the system to prevent the agglomeration of undispersed long fibers, so that the production can reach a normal state relatively quickly. Since anionic polyacrylamide cannot be added too much at one time, it must be added uniformly, uniformly and dispersedly. And the speed of joining can not be too fast. When the anionic polyacrylamide is added to the water, a certain pressure of clean water should be injected into its addition point, so that it will be diluted and dissolved immediately after adding the water to achieve the best dissolution effect.

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