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The Application Range of Nonionic Flocculants

The nonionic flocculant used in industrial wastewater treatment is mainly nonionic polyacrylamide, which has the properties of high purity, good solubility and wide molecular weight distribution. This series of products is a linear polymer. It has the effects such as flocculation, dispersion, thickening, bonding, film forming, gelatinization and colloid stabilization because of its special perssad. The application range of nonionic flocculant is as follows:

Sewage treatment agent: It is the most suitable flocculant when the wastewater shows acid suspension, and the water treatment works best especially when it is used with inorganic flocculant.


Textile industry: Chemical sizing agent can be prepared by adding some other chemicals for textile sizing.


Sand prevention and sand stabilization: Sand prevention and sand stabilization can be achieved by adding crosslinking agent in a certain concentration, spraying it on the desert, then solidifying and forming a film. It can not only be used as soil moisturizer in arid areas, but also in construction industry, building glue, interior wall coating, etc..


To realize the best effect, the dissolution time of nonionic polyelectrolytes is 60 minutes. When treating the turbid water, the flocculant solution must be added to the water at the average turbulence point to achieve complete and uniform mixing without affecting the formation of floccules. The recommended concentration is 3g/L and the maximum concentration is 15g/L.


When nonionic polymer is used in wastewater treatment, the products produced by Sinofloc Chemical can be applied together with inorganic flocculants (such as polyaluminum chloride or aluminum sulfate), which can provide you with better sewage treatment performance.

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