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Polyacrylamide for Wastewater Treatment in Distillery

Baijiu, as a major consumer product in China, occupies an important position in our daily life. However, in the production process of baijiu, the wastewater produced after fermentation seriously pollutes the environment. With the strengthening of national environmental protection, wastewater generated by the baijiu industry must be treated before it can be discharged. Polyacrylamide emulsion plays an important role in wastewater treatment.

Polyacrylamide emulsion is the key water treatment in baijiu wastewater treatment

Baijiu wastewater mainly comes from the cooling water of the brewing workshop, the flushing water of the distillation operation tools, and the flushing water of the brewing workshop floor. Among them, only the cooling water of the brewing workshop is clean water, which can be directly discharged or recycled. The other wastewater contains a large amount of organic matter such as protein and amino acids and is high-concentration wastewater, which cannot be directly discharged.

Polyacrylamide is a high molecular polymer for water treatment with functions such as decolorization, adsorption, and adhesion. It has a good effect on the removal rate of biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand. Similarly, polyacrylamide can quickly adsorb suspended solids in water and quickly coagulate and precipitate. However, beer wastewater is mostly acidic, so it is necessary to neutralize it in advance when using polyacrylamide to treat beer wastewater. Cationic polyacrylamide is a linear polymer compound. Because it has many active groups, it can form hydrogen bonds through its affinity and adsorption with many substances.

How to use polyacrylamide emulsion

  • Determine the better model and dosage through small experiments.

  • The product is made into a 0.1%-0.3% (solid content) aqueous solution, preferably with neutral water without salt.

  • When dissolving in water, evenly sprinkle the product into well-stirred water and heat it appropriately (below 60℃) to accelerate the formation of the solution (stirring time is about 40 minutes).

  • When dissolving, it should also be noted that the product should be evenly and slowly added to the dissolver under stirring and heating to avoid coagulation. Prepare the solution at an appropriate temperature to avoid excessive mechanical shear for a long time. It is recommended that the stirring speed of the stirrer be 60-200 rpm, otherwise it will cause polymer degradation and affect the use effect.

  • When preparing cationic polyacrylamide emulsion, it should be carried out in enamel, galvanized, plastic, or aluminum barrels, not iron containers. Currently, polyacrylamide aqueous solution should be prepared. When the dissolved solution is left for a long time, its performance will gradually decrease according to the water quality.

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