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How to Control the Stirring Speed and Time of Nonionic Flocculants

Nonionic flocculants are widely used in the treatment of industrial wastewater. They have good flocculation performance, but do you know how to control the stirring speed and time of nonionic flocculants when they are used in industrial wastewater treatment? A detailed introduction will be given as follows.


At present, when preparing nonionic flocculant solution, mechanical stirring is generally adopted, and the mechanical stirring speed has a great impact on the preparation time of the solution. Too fast stirring speed will lead to the degradation of the nonionic flocculant solution, which will cause the long-chain fracture of some nonionic flocculants and affect the sedimentation effect. Therefore, it is necessary to control the mechanical stirring speed. The rotating speed in a agitation vat with a diameter of 1 meter shall not be greater than 800 RPM, and that of a agitation vat with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 meters shall not be greater than 600 RPM. Increasing the temperature of the stirred solution can reduce the dissolution time, but the maximum water temperature should not exceed 55℃. Otherwise,  the nonionic flocculants will be degraded. These are all factors that will affect the use effect of nonionic flocculants.


In addition to focusing on the stirring speed and time of nonionic flocculants, it is also necessary to pay attention to the equipment used for adding nonionic flocculants and the dosage of nonionic flocculants. Generally, the best dosage concentration is 0.5 ‰ to 1 ‰, and the best preparation concentration is 1‰. The above information is for your reference only. If you want to obtain more relevant knowledge about flocculants, please directly consult Beijing Sinofloc Chemical Co.,Ltd., which will help customers optimize various treatment indicators and recommend the most suitable products according to the conditions and requirements of customers.

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