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What is the Effect of Particle Size on Pam Polyacrylamide?

What is the effect of particle size on pam polyacrylamide? SINOFLOC will introduce it to you.

1. The effect of particle size on pam polyacrylamide

Pam polyacrylamide comes in a variety of states, including two solid forms, granules and powders. Customers often ask about particle size when selecting particles. Particle size affects pam polyacrylamide differently when used. The size of the particles partly determines the dissolution time, so the viscosity will change with the process. Unless certain industries have special requirements for viscosity, the use will not be affected by particle size effects. The effect of pam polyacrylamide is closely related to solubility. Only when it is fully dissolved can it fully exert its effective substances and functions.

In the daily chemical industry, pam polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer with good flocculation properties, which can reduce the frictional resistance between liquids. According to ionic properties, pam polyacrylamides can be classified as nonionic pam polyacrylamide, anionic pam polyacrylamide, cationic and amphoteric pam polyacrylamide. Pam polyacrylamide flocculants have the advantages of fast coagulation and sedimentation, small sludge volume, low residual water after sewage treatment, and low treatment costs. It has been widely used in various industries. During the printing and dyeing process, a large amount of waste water will be produced, and the increase in printing and dyeing output will inevitably increase the amount of waste water.

2. Application of dry pam

Dry pam is widely used in industrial production because of its simple production process, high molecular weight and reasonable price. In the process of use, it has the characteristics of long dissolution time, convenient use, easy to be stirred, sheared, and degraded. However, it is easy to generate dust during production and use, which endangers the health of operators and pollutes the environment. Dry pam has good use characteristics, plays an important role in practical applications, and is of great benefit to the economic interests of the country.

The storage time of pam polyacrylamide has a great influence on the use effect. Therefore, enterprises should operate properly when storing to avoid affecting the use effect. Pam polyacrylamide is the main water treatment agent, especially widely used in the sewage treatment industry. It can be used in industrial water as well as in the food field and in the field of raw water treatment as long as the dosage is controlled. The molecular weight of pam polyacrylamide varies by industry.

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