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What Factors Are Related to the Dosage of Polyacrylamide?

Polyacrylamide is a linear high molecular polymer with good flocculation, which plays an irreplaceable role in the field of water treatment. Since the production cost of polyacrylamide PAM is relatively high, and enterprises also need to calculate the cost in sewage treatment, the amount of polyacrylamide used in sewage treatment is related to certain factors? In the following, SINOFLOC will explain it to you. Factors affecting the amount of polyacrylamide are as follows.

1. The dosage of polyacrylamide is related to the quality and concentration of sewage

The water quality and concentration of different factories have a great relationship with the amount of dry powder polyacrylamide. For example, the same sand washing plant, the sewage sediment content is different, the amount of polyacrylamide used is different, the same sediment content, the water quality in different areas And chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, paper mills and other industrial wastewater water quality indicators sand washing plants are much more complicated, and subtle changes will cause changes in dosage.

2. The amount of polyacrylamide is related to the on-site use conditions

The on-site use conditions include the dissolved concentration of water treatment reagents, the dissolution time, the length and strength of coagulation time, and the influence of process equipment. The influence of process equipment, for example, the plate frame machine is better than the belt filter machine, and the equipment of different manufacturers also has different water filtration performance. In actual application, the operating conditions and equipment have a great impact on the amount of reagents used.

3. The amount of polyacrylamide is related to product selection

The type of dry powder polyacrylamide determines its dosage, such as the use of polyamide polyacrylamide with a molecular weight of 18 million and a polycondensate with a molecular weight of 8 million. Although the molecular weight is not continuous, it is still cost-effective for most water-quality high-molecular-weight products. When these two models are used in the same water quality, the dosage is completely different, and the difference may be one time or two times or even more.

The above are the factors that affect the dosage of polyacrylamide for sewage treatment. When users supplement polyacrylamide, they must select the model through sampling test, and then test on the machine to determine the accurate model and dosage of polyacrylamide to achieve good effect. The ideal effect of small quantity and low cost.

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