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The Use and Precautions of Anionic Flocculants

Ⅰ. Use of anionic flocculants

1. Oil and gas industry: 

Anionic flocculants are used as the viscosifier and the fluid loss control in drilling process of oil and gas industry, and it is used as the friction reducer and EOR in fracturing process.

2. Industrial wastewater treatment: 

Especially for the wastewater with neutral or alkaline pH value, large suspended particles, high concentration and positive charges, such as the wastewater from iron and steel plants, electroplating plants, metallurgical plants and coal washing plants, the effect is remarkable.

3. Drinking water treatment: 

Using anionic flocculants to treat raw water has the advantages of less dosage, low cost and no secondary pollution.

4. Papermaking auxiliaries: 

It can be used as the dispersant, dry strength agents, the retention and the drainage aid and flocculants of papermaking wastewater.

5. Building materials and mineral processing.

Ⅱ. Precautions about product anionic flocculants

1. Configuration concentration

Due to the high molecular weight and strong viscosity of anions and non-ions, the concentration standard of anions is 1/1000 (the concentration can be adjusted according to the turbidity of sewage. If the turbidity is high, the concentration will be reduced; if the turbidity is low, the dosage of the drug can be increased, but it is better not to change the concentration, otherwise it will easily affect the smooth flow of the pipeline).

2. Dissolving container

The dissolving operation should be carried out in the mixing tank of plastics, ceramics, stainless steel, etc.

3. Mixing process

The shearing force of the PAM molecular chain in the solution will cause the molecular chain to break and degrade, which affects the performance. Therefore, when dissolving and diluting PAM, the stirring time should be reduced as much as possible, and the stirring intensity should be reduced; the stirring speed should be generally controlled at 50-250r/m, not too fast. When using PAM solution, strong mechanical stirring should be avoided as far as possible

4. Storage mothod

During storage and transportation, attention should be paid to heat and moisture protection to prevent package damage. Dry powder products will absorb moisture and agglomerate if exposed for a long time. The effective storage period is 2 years.

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