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Polyacrylamide is a Common Water Treatment Agent

PAM polyacrylamide is widely used as a polymer flocculant in the water treatment industry as a "century-old industrial additive". This is because the amide group in PAM polyacrylamide can form hydrogen bonds with various substances and adsorb them.

PAM polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer with good flocculation effect in the water treatment industry

PAM polyacrylamide can also reduce the frictional resistance between liquids. Common ion types include anionic and cationic, but due to their different ion types, they have different applications. Cationic polyacrylamide flocculant is a white or yellowish particle or powder that has different functions and applications for different types of ion-polyacrylamides. The main molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide is between 6 million and 18 million. It is mainly used as a flocculant and coagulant in water treatment, and is used for coagulation and precipitation. Cationic polyacrylamide flocculant is mainly an ionic type, and its degree of ionization is between 20% and 60%. It is usually used for sludge dewatering, which can make the sludge agglomerate and facilitate the dewatering effect.

Because there are many types of cationic and anionic polyacrylamide, although the higher the molecular weight, the better the performance, in fact, the performance cannot be determined by the molecular weight or ionization degree. It is best to determine the type and dosage of polyacrylamide based on experimental data. Polyacrylamides with larger molecular weight can form bridges between adsorbed particles to form flocs, which is conducive to particle settling. Flocculants polyacrylamide can adapt to various flocculation phenomena, with the characteristics of low dosage, high efficiency, less sludge production, and easy handling. In some cases, it has special value.

PAM polyacrylamide is used to varying degrees as a water treatment agent

In raw water treatment, municipal sewage treatment, and industrial wastewater treatment, PAM polyacrylamide is a widely used efficient and high-molecular-weight flocculant. Large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in the petroleum, papermaking, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, and coal industries. Each department of the customer in various industries has a large number of stable customers. We also have strong advantages in the production, research and development, and sales of water treatment chemicals and new products. Our main business is the production, research and development, and sales of water treatment materials.

PAM polyacrylamide cationic flocculant is a widely used water treatment agent in the water treatment industry. The design, construction, technical application, technology transfer, and comprehensive supporting services of water treatment projects have achieved remarkable results in large and medium-sized industrial wastewater treatment, recycled water, water reuse, energy conservation, and emission reduction.

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