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Polyacrylamide Used for Extraction of Aluminum

Since the 1990s, China has applied polyacrylamide as a flocculant in the production of red mud settlement with alumina oxide . In the alumina oxide production which diaspore, gibbsite or mixed bauxite were treated by Bayer process, sintering process or combination process, the dissolved red mud slurry is a dispersion system consisted by sodium aluminate solution and different granulars of red mud particles. To get the a higher quality aluminum chloride product, this suspension must be firstly separated by natural sedimentation, and then be filtered by leaves filter to obtain a sodium aluminate solution that satisfies the decomposition conditions. After degradation, we can get the finished products.

SINOFLOC's alumina-based polyacrylamide products can be applied to red mud settling separation (separation of sodium aluminate and red mud) and red mud washing to treat tailings water of bauxite ore dressing.

Product Features:
Strong and rapid flocculation
Stable flocculation process
Effectively reduce the suspended matter content in the aluminate liquid and improve the clarity
Prevent the swelling of the red mud

The working mechanism of this product is to quickly separate the leached slurry into a solid-liquid separation. The slurry is stably dispersed with a large number of positively charged suspended particles, and the sedimentation rate is slow, which directly affecting the thickener operating of concentration overflow. Adding an appropriate type of polyacrylamide flocculant enables the suspended particles to be electrically neutralized and the microparticles to flocculate into large clusters to promote rapid settling and to achieve a satisfied clear discharge. Thus, the whole process effectively meet the production requirement.

Polyacrylamide Used for Extraction of Aluminum

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