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Laboratory Test of Drag Reduction Efficiency

Friction loop is one of the core performance indicators of friction reducers. The excellent drag reduction performance can significantly reduce the friction along the process and the hydraulic horsepower required for fracturing, ensuring enough pressure window for sand adding. Generally the friction loop is required to be greater than 60%, which is even higher for deep wells. The test process of drag reduction efficiency is complex, the instrument covers a large area, and the requirements of the test operating environment are quite high. Meanwhile, the test liquid quantity used for testing is large (hundreds litres to several cubic meters), the test period takes a long time, the procedure is complex, and the requirements for operators are high.


The laboratory test of drag reduction efficiency is carried out with large loop drag reduction efficiency tester. Based on the principle of analog simulation, the test is carried out under similar conditions such as flow rate, shearing rate and Reynolds number. The additives and water used in general tests are all from the site, among which the friction reducer, surfactant and anti-swelling agent are all industrial products, and shallow surface water is used as the liquid preparation water. Of course, the laboratory test can be adjusted and carried out according to your own conditions.

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