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Advantages of Friction Reducer in Oil Pipeline

With the deepening of the research, friction reducer products are becoming mature and have entered the stage of commercial application. Both the new pipeline design and the existing pipeline operation can obtain considerable economic and social benefits with the application of friction reducers. The advantages of applying friction reducers in the oil pipeline are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. Investment in construction

A part of design margin should be left based on relative economic data because it is impossible to estimate the reserves of oil fields accurately and there are some uncertain factors, such as market requirements, changes in pipeline capacity, and changes in oil product types, etc. Under this circumstance, friction reducer can be used to balance the margin. Reducing the pipeline diameter and the construction scale of the pump station can greatly save the construction investment of new oil pipelines.


2. Increase the throughput

Especially in the critical stage of oil transportation, the addition of friction reducer can improve the throughout, which will increase the transport volume of the entire pipeline, and meet the requirement of more and quicker transporting. In addition, oil transportation plan can be flexibly adjusted to meet the market demand as well as create economic and social benefits to the greatest extent.


3. Reduce costs

Friction reducers can help to reduce the cost of maintenance and transformation by realizing the maintenance, update and transformation of pump assembly or pump station without stopping the transportation. It is also possible to stop some pump stations in difficult conditions and harsh environment by adding friction reducers so as to reduce the staff, which will not only bring remarkable economic benefits, but also bring huge social benefits.


4. Improve safety and reliability

The use of friction reducer as a short-time emergency measure has great advantages. However, the technology of friction reducer should be given priority but not be applied blindly. It can be predicted that, in the near future, betting friction reducer as an emerging transportation technology will create greater economic and social benefits for China's pipeline industry.

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