Sinofloc Chemical

Precautions for Using Dry Pam

Dry pam must be dissolved into solution before use to make the polymer chain fully extended for backup use. Usually, the concentration of non-ionic and cationic products is diluted to about 0.1%. The dissolving operation should be carried out in a mixing tank made of plastic, ceramic or stainless steel, etc. Try not to dissolve the solution in an iron container.

When dissolving dry pam, more attention should be paid to the operation procedures to prevent the particles from sticking to each other ,avoiding failure of the dissolution. For small-scale test, organic reagents such as methanol and ethanol can be used to humidify to improve the dispersibility of particles in water. For industrial application, the product is generally completely dissolved within 0.5 to 1 hour. Appropriate warming can accelerate the dissolution of the product, but it should not exceed 60℃.

When using inorganic flocculants with mixed materials, attention should be paid to the order of addition. Generally speaking, when processing fine particles with particle size below 50um or less, inorganic flocculants should be added first, and then the dissolved solution of dry pam should be added. While processing coarse particles with diameter above 50um, the dissolved solution should be added first for adsorption bridging, and then add the flocculant. When users use it, a small test should be carried out first to determine the order of addition.

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