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How to Improve the Efficiency of Amphoteric Flocculants?

Ⅰ. The use of amphoteric flocculants

Amphoteric flocculants have been widely used in the wastewater treatment industry and have very good effects. As the main component of amphoteric flocculants is amphoteric polyacrylamide, the dissolution, ratio and dosage of amphoteric flocculants should be strictly controlled, otherwise the use effect of the sewage treatment will be greatly affected and the effect will be not good. How to improve the efficiency of amphoteric flocculants? The following four points will reveal the answer for you:

Ⅱ. Methods to improve the efficiency of amphoteric flocculants

1.  It is better to add the flocculants in batches, that is, first adding a part of flocculants and then mix it with water rapidly. After 1 to 2 minutes, add another part of flocculants, and then mix with water quickly. Generally, it is better to add 60% at first and then 40% .

2. It can reduce the configuration concentration. Generally, anions can be configured into 0.1% and cations can be configured into 0.2% solution. If the preparation tank is small and the daily dosage is large, the higher concentration of the configuration can be selected and diluted before using.

3. If the PH value of the sewage is too high, the pH value of the sewage should be adjusted first. When used with inorganic flocculants, inorganic flocculants should be added before adding amphoteric flocculants.

4. When using amphoteric flocculants, it is not that the higher the molecular weight is, the better the effect is, nor is it that the more dosage is, the more obvious the effect will be. It is necessary to carry out experiments in combination with the quality of the sewage, and take a better proportion and dosage to treat the sewage to the best effect. It can reduce the waste of the medicine and save the cost.

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