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The Six Factors Affecting the Use of Anionic Flocculants

PAM is the abbreviation of polyacrylamide polar polymer flocculant. The commonly used types are cation, anion, non-ionic and zwitterionic. Many customers have encountered the situation that the flocculation effect of adding polyacrylamide in sewage treatment is not good. Today, we will mainly explain the several major factors affecting the use of anionic flocculants:

1. Model selection of anionic flocculants

When treating the wastewater with large suspended particles, high turbidity and positive charges, the anionic flocculants should be selected first, which can reflect its strong flocculation function at this time.

2. Dissolution ratio of anionic flocculants

The dissolution ratio of anionic flocculants is 1/1000.

3. Dissolved water temperature of anionic flocculants

PAM is a white crystalline particle, which needs to be dissolved in the clean tap water for 60 minutes. But in autumn and winter, the dissolution time will increase, generally no more than 2 hours. If the dissolution water temperature is increased, generally, the temperature should be controlled below 60 ℃, and it is recommended to be between 40 - 50 ℃.

4. Dosage of anionic flocculants

The dosage of anionic flocculants is generally based on the different water quality, and the dosage will be different. If the amount of anionic flocculants is small, the flocculation effect will not be achieved in the sewage. If the dosage is large, the liquid will be viscous. The best dosage of flocculants is that all flocculants are adsorbed on the surface of solid particles, and the settling velocity of flocs reaches the maximum value.

5. Molecular weight of anionic flocculants

Anionic flocculants generally have a higher molecular weight and a higher viscosity, but not the higher the molecular weight, the better the effect. It is necessary to select the correct type according to the site conditions. The commonly used molecular weight is 4-26 million.

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