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The Process Flow of the Friction Loop

The friction loop is an important test for testing the performance index of the drag reducers, which can keep users informed with the friction loop performance of each drag reducer before using, and select the suitable products for themselves according to the data obtained. The process flow of the friction loop is as follows:

The process of friction loop is mainly composed of simulated pipelines, heating tanks, circulating pumps, dosing tanks and stirring motors. The specific test process is to inject the prepared fluid used for working into the whole pipelines at first, and then establish the test temperature and pressure when pipelines are full of liquid; then start the circulating pump and measure the system pressure, temperature, flow and pressure drop through the sensor; finally, calculate various parameters by computer according to the diameter and length of the pipe. After testing a set of data of the fluid, drain the tested fluid through the drain valve, add an appropriate amount of clean water to the mouth of the feeder, and start the circulating pump to flush each section of pipelines repeatedly, so as to prepare for the next set of fluid testing.

During the working process of the equipment, the tested fluid circulates in the selected smooth pipe through the circulating pump, and measure and record the frictional pressure drop of fluid in a round pipe of unit length at a specific flow rate and temperature through a differential pressure sensor. Then, the high polymer drag reducer to be measured is added into the fluid through the feeder. After the drag reducer is fully integrated with the fluid, the frictional pressure drop of the fluid in a certain length of pipe is measured and recorded by the sensor under the same conditions. By measuring the frictional pressure drop of the fluid twice, the friction loop rate of the drag reducer in the given fluid can be calculated according to the formula.

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