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The Introduction of Nonionic Polyacrylamide

Non-ionic polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer or polyelectrolyte. Due to its molecular chain contains a certain number of polar groups, it can through the adsorption of solid particles suspended in water, make the bridge between particles or by charge neutralization condensed to form large floc particles. In our company, the molecular weight of non-ionic polyacrylamide is between 5 million and 15 million, and the hydrolysis degree is less than 5%(with charge of less than 5%).

Due to a certain amount of polar genes in its molecular chain, it can absorb suspended solid particles in water, thus bridging the particles to form large flocculants. Nonionic polyacrylamide can accelerate the settlement of particles in suspension, there is a very significant to speed up the solution of the clear, promote the filtering effect, such as widely used in chemical industrial wastewater and waste liquid treatment, municipal sewage treatment. Especially when the sewage is acidic, this product is the most suitable. It can be used in conjunction with inorganic flocculants such as polyiron and polyaluminium.

Nonionic polyacrylamide is used in the industrial solid-liquid separation process, including settlement, clarification, concentration and sludge dewatering technology. It is applied mainly in the following industries: urban sewage treatment, paper industry, food processing, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, processing industry, dyeing industry and sugar industry and industrial wastewater treatment in all industries. It can be used as dry strength agent, retention agent and filter agent in the papermaking industry.

When adding non-ionic polyacrylamide solution, the mixture should be accelerated with the treated solution. After flocculation occurs, the stirring speed should be slowed down to facilitate the growth of flocculation and accelerated settlement. The optimum PH value and the dosage of non - ionic polyacrylamide were selected.

The Introduction of Nonionic Polyacrylamide
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