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The Application of Amphoteric Polyelectrolyte

Amphoview polyelectrolyte has the characteristics of cationic and anionic. It can complete the synergistic action of anions and cations without any precipitates, especially for the sewage with complex water quality situation or water property changing frequently. Usually when in the process of sewage, it will generate more significant synergies when anionic and cationic used together than when alone, and the ability of zwitterionic polyacrylamide to reduce the surface tension is far greater than under the same conditions the performance of cation or anion exist alone. To meet the requirement of reducing the surface tension, it is necessary to use both anionic and cationic polyacrylamide powder, but if they are used in a wrong way, both can produce white sediment, thus losing the use effect.

In the paper industry, as a papermaking agent, the effect is even more than that of a single characteristic polyacrylamide. Especially in the retention and filtration, it can improve the water filtration speed under the net and reduce the loss of fiber. It also has a positive effect on the wet end system and the paper smoothness, strength as well as minimizing the difference of both sides.

When used in the papermaking industry, the retention rate of fillers, pigments and so on can be improved. It can reduce the loss of raw materials and environmental pollution, also improve the strength of paper (including dry strength and wet strength), in addition, the use of amphoteric polyacrylamide (PAM) can also improve paper tear resistance and porosity, to improve vision and printing performance, also zwitterionic polyacrylamide for molecules containing cationic and anionic, shows more excellent performance. This kind of flocculating agent can be used in a wide range of PH value, has a higher water filter, the bottom of the filter cake moisture content, also can be used in the acid leaching of ores or from acidic catalyst containing metal recycling valuable metals.

Amphoteric polyelectrolyte, used in the feed of protein recovery, is stable in quality and good in performance. The chicken protein powder recycled has no side effect on the survival rate, weight gain and egg production. It also can be applied in synthetic resin coating, civil water plugging grouting materials, building materials industry, improving the quality of cement, construction adhesives, caulking repair and plugging agent, soil improvement, electroplating industry, printing and dyeing, etc. It is several or dozens of times more effective than Inorganic salts because such wastewater is generally negatively charged. The molecular weight of water-soluble azo initiator AIBA has been increased to more than ten million.

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The Application of Amphoteric Polyelectrolyte
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