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Polyacrylamide in Sugar Industry

The residual monomer content of polyacrylamide is a critical data to measure whether it is suitable for the food industry. Polyacrylamide polymers are non-toxic which have been widely used in the international water purification, food industry, and sugar industry. However, in the industrial polyacrylamide, it is inevitable that there are trace amounts of unpolymerized acrylamide monomer, which has some toxicity.

Polyacrylamide in Sugar Industry

Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the residual monomer content in polyacrylamide products. International requirements for drinking water and food industry in the polyacrylamide in the residual monomer content are less than 500ppm.

The anionic degree of polyacrylamide has a great effect on its use, but its suitable value depends on the kind and nature of the material being treated, and there will be different optimum values in different cases. SINOFLOC polyacrylamide (medium charge, high MW) used in the sugar industry can be used for different materials (sugarcane juice, syrup, red yeast and syrup of raw sugar) and different processes, sulfurous acid, carbonic acid and phosphorous, according to our many years of experience and experience. In addition, if the treated material with a higher ionic strength (with more inorganic matter), the anionic degree of polyacrylamide used should be higher and vice versa. The amount of residual polyacrylamide is associated with the original anionic degree of polyacrylamide after adding the flocculants to the juice and removing the precipitate. In the ordinary water treatment, carboxyl-free polyacrylamide is always be used.

Some natural macromolecules, such as polysaccharides containing more carboxyl groups and more phosphates, have flocculation properties. The introduction of reactive groups in macromolecules by chemical means can improve this performance. If the natural polysaccharides are introduced into carboxyl groups and amide groups, the flocculation performance is better, and the settling of sugarcane juice can be accelerated. The natural polymer materials such as starch, cellulose, chitosan and other acrylamide graft copolymerization, the polymer has good flocculation performance, or both some special properties. Some of SINOFLOC developed products have a better effect in sugar factories.

Modern production of polyacrylamide has a variety of different anionic products, the user can according to the needs and through the actual test selection of appropriate varieties, do not need to be hydrolyzed, dissolved after use.

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