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How to Improve the Use Effect of Cationic Flocculant

Cationic flocculant belongs to the organic polymer linear water-soluble polymer and is a kind of polymer flocculant. For most sewage treatment plants, it can achieve good results, but different models should be selected. To improve the use effect, we need to refer to the following points:

1. Ionic degree of cationic flocculant (cationic charge)

The cationic charge is between 12 to 60. Choose the model with appropriate ionic degree, and choose the appropriate amount of cationic flocculant to achieve a more ideal treatment effect;

2. Floc size of cationic flocculant

If the flocs are too small or too loose, the dehydration rate is low in the later process of filter press, and the mud cakes from the filter press have a large water content and are easy to disperse. The use of cationic flocculants of the ideal model can increase the strength of the flocs and facilitate the subsequent filter press;

3. Molecular weight of cationic flocculant

The level of molecular weight affects the precipitation and flocculation speed of cationic flocculant of the agent. Choosing an appropriate molecular weight model can effectively accelerate the precipitation and flocculation speed, and can also appropriately reduce the dosage;

4. Types of sludge

The composition of sludge varies widely. Generally, it is divided into organic sludge and inorganic sludge. At the same time, because the composition of sludge is different, there will be differences in treatment.

5. Operation method of the cationic flocculant

According to the correct dilution ratio and dissolution ratio, the dosage of the medicine can be reduced and the treatment efficiency can be improved.

The above five points need to be paid attention to when using cationic flocculants. It is recommended to perform analysis and testing before actual use such as the detection and analysis of sludge composition, the comparison of flocculation speed, and the selection of molecular weight and ionic degree. In this way you can select the appropriate model and calculate the proper dosage so as to give full play to the ideal effect of the agent and reduce the processing cost.

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