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How to Avoid Baby Red Ass?

When the baby's mother chooses the baby diapers, she will pick a diaper that is not easy to cause the baby's red butt. There are many factors that cause the baby's red butt, mainly divided into: bad habits and the chemical composition of the diaper.
baby diapers
First of all, most babies' mothers are mainly concerned with breathability, softness and absorption. However, some bad habits can also lead to baby red ass. The baby is smaller, and the metabolism is more active, especially the water metabolism. This means that the frequency of peeing is very high. Therefore, the baby's butt will often be in a damp state, and the chance that the skin will be easily stimulated and infected will increase. Plus the baby diapers on the market are not suitable for the baby and the diaper rubs against the butt and destroys the skin causing the red butt.

The second is the chemical composition contained in the baby diapers. Some baby diapers overuse materials for the pursuit of certain aspects of performance. The residual amount of these materials can also cause damage to the baby's butt. For example, the residual acrylic acid residue of superabsorbent resin is 800 mg/kg. Small brands may ignore this standard and put baby diapers that have not been factory tested on the market, resulting in red ass.
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